IPLD Tools

Here are a collection of links to tools that work with IPLD, or empower your development processes when working with IPLD.

the ipldtool

The ipldtool (or just ipld in the command line) is meant to provide a playful, pleasant CLI interface for working with data using IPLD.

It contains basic operations like ipld read (which includes the ability to do a variety of codec transformations), ipld put (which lets you store a bunch of data, and get links to it, and thus build graphs), and also contains subcommands for ipld schema usage (parsing, compiling -- even running codegen tools based on them) and other advanced usage.

the ipld explorer


(This needs no introduction ;) Just look at it!)

  • We have several other pieces of content like this, but need docs on them!
  • e.g. Syntax highlighter plugins for IDEs
  • e.g. the schema-inferrer tools
  • etc!