Putting it All Together

The IPLD ecosystem contains a lot of complex concepts and many different pieces of software and data standards interacting. It can be hard to know which concepts to apply where.

In this chapter of the documentation, we'll try to provide some "rules of thumb" for what to do. We'll also provide some rich real-world examples of how systems have been built with IPLD, which might be useful inspirations for your own work.

Getting Things Done - A decision tree for how to get things done with IPLD, and what parts of the system to try to apply first when problem solving.
Building in Alignment - Brief notes about how to "build in alignment with" IPLD... even if you don't use any IPLD libraries directly.
How IPFS Web Gateways Work - An example of how a larger system (IPFS's web "gateways") was built up using IPLD primitives.
Working With Encryption - References and resources about how the community has worked to connect IPLD and encryption.