IPLD Schemas

IPLD Schemas are an interface definition language which provides a way to do structural typing for data structures. They're meant to be useful as a design language, and meant to make specifying protocols easier -- especially, decentralized protocols.

This is a docs chapter, contrasted with a specs chapter -- if you want more mechanical details (including, especially, the schema-schema!), you may prefer to jump over to Schemas in the specs chapters instead.

We have materials in this chapter of the documentation for overviews on what Schemas are, what makes them unique, how to use them, and, how to use them effectively.

Introduction - Introduction to IPLD Schemas -- overviews, the goals of the system, simple examples, and getting-started material.
Features - Detailed information on the features of IPLD Schemas.
Using Wisely - Helpful resources on how to author and use Schemas effectively.