A Terse, Quick IPLD Primer for the Engineer

Forward: This is meant to be a terse primer -- the aim is just to introduce the basic terms and scope and provide a good foundation for further understanding. The reader will likely still need to seek more information from other documents, or ask questions in support channels, in order to fully learn how to use (or contribute to) IPLD. The primer should simply provide a good grounding for integrating that further information.

Key terms will be flanked with [[Double Brackets]] to highlight them. This has no functional purpose, but lets you "ctrl-f" through the page to find other mentions.

Familiarity with some computer science concepts will be presumed. E.g., if the reader is unfamiliar with the concept of an "AST", it will be necessary to look that up in some other source.

Key Concepts

Core: Data Model & Codecs & Linking

Blocks vs Nodes


Advanced Interpretations



Yet More Stuff


Getting Things Done with IPLD

(There's a fuller document on this in another chapter of the docs.)


Finer Points

More Info