Python IPLD Libraries

Unless otherwise noted, all of these are installable with pip from PyPI.


Hashberg has a complete IPLD implementation in its multiformats library (docs), along with a dag-cbor library (docs).


The dag-json library integrates with Hashberg's multiformats.CID and passes all of the DAG-JSON cross-codec test fixtures.

dag-cbrrr (PyPI)

The dag-cbrrr library provides performance-oriented DAG-CBOR decoding and encoding, to and from Python objects. It passes the test fixtures and performs favourably in benchmarks. It brings its own bare-bones CID class, but can be configured to use Hashberg's CID class if desired.

python-libipld (PyPI)

python-libipld provides Python bindings to libipld, featuring DAG-CBOR, CID, and CAR decoding, and multibase encode and decode.