In these pages, we gather some information about systems you can use to transport IPLD data.

This is not an exhaustive list! There are always other ways to carry data around. (Sneakernet never fails; and IPLD-over-Carrier-Pigeon doesn't have an RFC, but it certainly could!) Other technologies may exist than these that have pages here too.

When we describe "transport", we think of both file and stream formats that allow packing lots of IPLD data together, and also more interactive transport systems which involve requests and responses. You'll find examples of both in these pages.

CAR - Content Addressable aRchives (CAR / .car) Specifications
Graphsync - Graphsync is an advanced interactive transport protocol. Graphsync uses IPLD Selectors to effeciently transfer graphs (or selections of parts of graphs) with a minimal number of independent requests and thus low overhead for high latency situations.
Trustless Pathing - IPLD Pathing Semantics of the IPFS Trustless Gateway protocol